Exhausted from trying to figure out your blog content without a plan?

When I first started blogging, I figured I’d just write what came to mind. I had no plan and no idea what I was doing, lol.

But, I later learned how important it is to plan out your blog content, not only to know exactly what you are writing next (to free up brain space) but also write your content with purpose (and keeping seasonality in mind).

That’s why I created this MyContent planner – to help others get past the “fly by the seat of my pants” attitude to a more organized and intentional blog.

This workbook pairs perfectly with the MyPlanner workbook!


This planner is broken down into months with pages to plan out every blog post you will write (you can print additional planning sheets depending on your post frequency). 

From Chaos To Control

By taking control of your content schedule, you can free up your time and your mind to focus on the millions of tasks involved in being a blogger…though wouldn’t it be great if it were JUST writing blog posts?!!


This planner covers you for 2020 AND 2021!

It’s simple and easy for just $9!

Hello there! I'm Kristine from Kit Blogs!

My passion is helping other bloggers cut through the crap-load of information out there and get their sites launched…FAST! I’m also a mom of 2, blogger, organization nerd, and former project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Just $9 To Plan Your Content Through The End of 2021!

Blogger Organization Bundle

Want it ALL? Get the MyBlog Workbook, 2020/2021 MyPlanner, 2020/2021 MyContent Planner, Trello Blog Planning Toolkit, AND Blogger Digital File Organization in one bundle!

Save $9 when bundled together!

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