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A FREE course taking your from nothing to launch on your WordPress blog.

Want to start a blog but feel overwhelmed?

I was once a new blogger just like you, struggling to filter through the millions of articles about blogging.

What I thought would be simple turned out to be incredibly complicated. And it is!

But, that’s why I created Start A Blog On A Budget – to help others sift through the information out there to what they truly need to just get their blogs launched already!

Start A Blog On A Budget Laptop mockup (


Maybe you feel...


Just want to rip your hair out trying to make everything work together...all while kids are asking for snacks or needing a ride somewhere.


Every time you sit down at the computer to work on your blog you are interrupted. You just can't seem to get any dedicated time to blog!


With your attention pulled in a million directions with a million and one people telling you what to do with your just can't move forward.

From Chaos To Control

What you need is a course that teaches you how to get all the things managed.

The truth is many mom bloggers make a few common mistakes....

Comparing to Others

We all read the amazing income reports of top bloggers and put ourselves down for not being able to do the same. Can we have that kind of success? ABSOLUTELY! But, be inspired but truthful about where you are NOW (but may be different in the future).

Mom Guilt

Feel terrible when you are working on your blog? Can’t help but feel guilty for “neglecting” your kids to do what you love? Be PROUD of what you do for yourself and your family every single day (big and small).

Doing What Others Do

Adopting systems that others have used to get organized but still feel stuck? In order to find what does work you need to see what works for YOU and your circumstances, personality, and availability.

Build Resentment

Do you find yourself angry that you can’t just get an hour to yourself to work on your blog (or anything else for that matter)? Not taking time for you and prioritizing what truly matters to you will build resentment toward your circumstances (not your children).


All 3 course workbooks are printable AND fillable right on your computer!


To actually put what you learn into action right away in each lesson.


To get and keep that chaos organized daily, weekly, and monthly.


To track and celebrate your blog growth.


Below is an outline of the course modules and lessons. Click the arrow to learn more about each. 


Guess what?! Limited on time? I know how busy you are. That’s why I have marked some lessons as Priority so you can get through the course and come back to other lessons when you have time.


As moms, we can’t always listen to videos (don’t wake the baby!). So every lesson with a video also has the option of text learning as well!

PLUS, each lesson has an lesson goal, lists the length of the video, and the time you need to complete the applicable activities to apply the lessons.

Welcome to the course and what to expect!

Walks you through the 3 investments I recommend to every bloggers starting out. Everything else you can get away with for FREE unless you have the budget to upgrade a few things (free options are always listed).

Learn about the anatomy of a blog (learning terminology and parts of blogs/websites) and a walkthrough of WordPress. Both lessons are video.

This is the largest module because it will take some time and thought to do many of the lessons. It's all about setting a solid foundation to your blog through branding, plugins, structure, settings things up with Google, and so much more.

Now that you've set-up your blog, it's time to start adding Pages and Posts (with video tutorials on each). Also discover sources for stock photos and potential ways to create marketing images.

Discover additional resources to keep you moving forward in your blogging journey. Plus, a lesson containing just links to resources and blog posts that were listed throughout the course for ease of access (added from student feedback). 

Who doesn't love bonusES?

Mockup of digital file structure


Use this file structure specifically designed and used by bloggers! Just drag and drop directly into the files. Comes with a video walk through and prompts throughout. (note this is tool is under “Additional Tools”)


Life as a mom and blogger is more than just taking care of your kids and working on your blog. Includes a budget spreadsheet I personally use!

Hello there! I'm Kristine from Kit Blogs!

My passion is helping other bloggers cut through the crap-load of information out there and get their sites launched…FAST! I’m also a mom of 2, blogger, organization nerd, and former project manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! Since this is a free course, you can un-enroll at any time.

Most of this course is text, but there are instructional videos with WordPress specific tutorials and walkthroughs.

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